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Graham Brown, Host Asia Tech Podcast

Find Your Voice: Turn Your Idea into a Podcast

Podcasting has introduced me to a world of amazing people. Podcasting is the most powerful business development tool out there. And the great news is you just have to choose yourself and get started.

What Media is Saying about The Podcast Revolution

“By 2020, Emarketer predicts marketers will more than double their spending on podcasts from 2017 to $659 million. Meanwhile, spending on some other, more-established channels, such as TV, is decreasing. TV-ad spending will fall by about 0.5% in 2018.” (Wall Street Journal 2018)

“Podcasting is booming, from 3000 shows 13 years ago to 18.5 million episodes today” (Sydney Morning Herald 2018)

“Podcast audiences are highly engaged and they aren’t disturbed by the appearance of advertising, and most importantly, the listeners – millennials – are a group advertisers have a hard time engaging” (Mumbrella Asia 2018)

“Women turn to podcasting to have their voices heard; from comedy to controversial topics, medium offers a platform away from traditional male-led media” (South China Morning Post 2018)

“In recent years, an unexpected surge in the popularity of podcasts has proved two things: firstly, that people still have a fondness for recorded speech, and secondly, a sizeable number of creators believe that their work is best showcased without the distraction of video.” (The National 2018)

Why Podcasting is a Powerful Medium

“Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media”

8 Benefits of Starting Your Podcast Now

  • 1) Get in before it’s too late
  • 2) Develop connections with your guests that go deeper than meeting someone for a coffee.
  • 3) Build authority in your field. Get paid speaking gigs. Launch your book. Podcasting is a powerful tool to build credibility.
  • 4) Develop clarity. Many people come to me without a clear idea of what podcast they should create. 6 episodes in, they are learning a lot about their field, themselves and, importantly, their message.
  • 5) Create conversations while you sleep. There is only 1 of you – but there are 100s maybe 1000s of your podcast episodes being listened to while you’re out there doing other things. That’s the power of leverage!
  • 6) Create familiarity. “Oh you’re that guy who does Asia Tech Podcast!” I get it all the time. Think about how powerful that is in the context of networking and getting people’s attention.
  • 7) Leave a legacy. Podcasts last forever.
  • 8) Be part of a growing community. We podcasters in Asia know each other well, and it’s a growing community. Be part of something before it becomes mainstream. Create lifelong partnerships and connections in media and business.

Why Start Now?

In a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence, gamified algorithms, fake filters, 8 second attention spans and soundbites, do the opposite. Be more human, go long form… tell your story. Even the most disruptive of digital technologies – Blockchain, AI and Big Data – will never replace our human need for analog connection.

Feedback from Course student Anne Morgan

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