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Asia Matters is Graham Brown‘s weekly podcast about the Asian Tech Ecosystem. Asia Matter because Asia is a $27 trillion economy, 50% bigger than the EU, 50% bigger than the US. The insights are based on the Asia Matters Report which you can download for free.

324: Scott Bales & Claire Bull – Empathy in Understanding Asian Consumers (Asia Matters)

323: Clement Hochart – The Growth of Asian Middle Class Consumers and Wine (Asia Matters)

315: Jes Kaliebe Petersen – Overview of The Myanmar startup ecosystem (Asia Matters)

307: Simon Kemp – How Asia’s Middle Class Youth will Change the World (Asia Matters)

294: Geoffrey Handley – Why China Matters (Asia Matters)

281: Quantifying China’s Appeal to the Next Generation of Talent with Andrea Myles, the #ChinaGeek (Asia Matters)

268: The Singapore Entrepreneur Edition with Aaron Cheng, Sabrina Wang, and Kyriakos Zannikos (Asia Matters)

266: Introducing Rina Neoh and Abdul Malik from Platform E ~ The New Home of Asia Tech Podcast (Asia Matters)

260: Michael Bloomberg On-board for the Asian Century? (Asia Matters)

246: Does the Korea Summit Mark the Beginning of the Asian Century? (Asia Matters)

240: Asia Tech Podcast at Chinaccelerator with Oscar Ramos, Geoffrey Handley and Kapil Kane(Asia Matters)

232: Shanghai Round Table with Kapil Kane, Jasper Gill, Vincent Djen, Carmen Wang and Nishtha Mehta (Asia Matters)

225: Asia’s $36 Trillion A2A Market (Asia Matters)

215: All Around the World – Visiting 4 Asian Cities in 4 Days (Asia Matters)

209: Are You Ready for the Asian Century? (Asia Matters)

201: The World is Listening, Audio is our Medium, The Message is Asia Matters

184: Why are Entrepreneurs Moving from the West to the East in 2018? (Asia Matters ATP570)

177: Does China’s Tech Future lie in Japan’s Past?

175: Are entrepreneurs now better off relocating to Asia?

171: Is Asia the New Home of Entrepreneurship?(Asia Matters)

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