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Monthly podcast featuring Graham Brown and Simon Kemp. Simon is a marketing strategist specialising in the future of digital. He’s developed brand and marketing strategies for many of the world’s most admired companies, including Unilever, Google, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Diageo. Digital Lives Asia covers the latest insights from the world of digital and social media in Asia. Simon shares key stats from his Digital in 2018 Report.

293: Entrepreneurship in Asia (Digital Lives Asia DLA5)

  • Simon: its interesting to consider how what you see defines the reality you believe in. An exposure to other entrepreneurs early in your life likely gives you the confidence you can do something similar. Digital has changed this so much because we are no longer confined to just looking at the people around us. You can see fascinating stories all over the social media platforms today. Graham: digital then is a great leveler, isnt it? Look at how women in China can see people around them using these digital platforms. They no longer see the model entrepreneur as someone who is older and male.
  • Simon: when it comes to scaling a business, its really striking to see the barriers women face in getting access to funding. Graham: in some ways this isnt surprising given investors tend to back what they know, and what they know is men being successful in business. The challenge in Asia is generational. It will take a generation of entrepreneurs who exit with success and decide to go back in to fund the next crop of people. These will be the investors more likely to back women or non-traditional founders.
  • Simon: the theme emerging from our conversation today is there is definitely an energy around entrepreneurship in Asia. A lot of this is just waiting to be activated. What we need to do is find out how to create the cultures to allow this energy to flourish. Graham: it seems the best thing we can do is to tell peoples stories. Help people access inspiration.

255: Trends in Social Media, Facebook Advertising and Influence (Digital Lives Asia)

  • With all the recent focus on the "delete facebook" movement, whats actually happening to Facebook data? Facebook users are up but teenagers are down
  • What are the changes in the advertising landscape doing to shape traditional marketing demographics? We talk about Red Bull and why traditional social media demographics
  • What can we learn about 18 year olds and their motivations on Facebook? We discuss social listening and how brands are missing a trick learning what their audience really care about

233: As Asian Brands go Global – are they Ready for Prime Time? (Digital Lives Asia)

  • Graham and Simon discuss the rise of Asian brands, especially in e-commerce. We look at Alibabas Taobao and the latest data on them. Are they ready for the prime time? How do they compare to Amazon?
  • Interesting data: 48% of internet users in Asia-Pacific delete cookies, and 13% of Asia-Pacific internet users use a VPN – the second highest number right after the Middle East.
  • Li Ning Shoes and other Asian brands – what kind of difficulties do Asian brands face outside of Asia? We look at storytelling and how Asian brands have a lot of catching up to do with Western marketers.

190: The Internet and the Next Billion (Digital Lives Asia)

  • The "Next Billion" comes online - The number of new internet users around the world in 2017 was 248 million. What does that mean for tech companies around the world?
  • Can you use Facebook if youre illiterate? Simon explores the options. What does that mean for companies like Facebook, Google etc who want to tap the "Next Billion"?
  • There are a large amount of social media users in Indonesia, but half of them are not online! What’s going on?!

172: Insights into the Evolving Digital Lives of Asia(DLA1)

  • Why does Thailand top the world in social media and online usage?
  • WeChat trends: how has it evolved? How is WeChat changing behavior? Will WeChat be a hit outside China?
  • Games, photos, dating - apart from social media and messenger, what else are people spending their time on the internet?