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About Asia Tech Podcast: Founders in Asia

Startup founder Jodie Collins shares the startup-to-scale journeys and adventures of other business founders in Asia. Jodie and guests discuss the challenges of startup life, focusing on lessons learned from both success and failure.

NEW 312: Vincent Djen`s journey as the Director of his family business and Co-Founder of FashionEx Shanghai (Founders in Asia FIA8)

  • Vincent Djen, Co-founder of FashionEx Shanghai, shares more about his company, further explaining how it helps startups in the fashion industry grow by giving them insights and methodologies to avoid mistakes which helps them build solid business plan
  • Vincent shares how important research is before entering the Chinese market in terms fashion, further explaining how looking at the analytics of taobao and Tmall aids a startup analyse and compare how they rank in the fashion industry for China
  • Vincent elaborates more about his journey, sharing how he manages the RnD for his family bushiness and also manages his FashionEx by working more towards the business development side
Published: 3 days ago

301: Ryan Pyle- From Toronto to Shanghai (Founders in Asia FIA7)

  • Ryan shares his backstory on how he ended up in Shanghai, where he is today, to what his business is and what hes doing
  • How does Ryan go about the commercial aspect of his business? How does he go out there and work with partners to sell his programs and distribute content?
  • "Television is gonna come back. The whole Kardashian era and the whole reality-tv era is coming to a grinding halt." - Ryan

278: Scott Montgomery – WellteQ (Founders in Asia FIA6)

  • After you founded WellteQ, is that when you decided to move to Asia? -- Basically yes. In the early feedback we received, we understood we had a good idea but were lacking in the tech department. So we moved to Singapore with the goal of hiring from among the regions best tech minds. My background is not in technology, so we knew we had to go where we could find people to in-source and help us in this regard. Ultimately this led us to Singapore in 2014.
  • So then what are some of the challenges youve faced as you built the business? -- Getting talent is not easy, especially when youre operating in a large regional environment. Time pressures may force you to settle on people who are not quite right. Maybe this works out, but it often doesnt. Another big challenge is learning to differentiate between the opportunities you should really spend time on and what are the ones best to say no to.
  • Is the business youre doing now the same as what you set out to do four years ago? Or have you pivoted? -- Our overall goal remains the same. We want to connect millions of people to health improvement using technology. The tools we use are not necessarily what we thought we would be using when we started, yet here we are. The only sure thing with any business plan is that youre not going to adhere to it 100%.

261: Edward Tse (Founders in Asia FIA5)

  • Was it from BGC that Edward moved to start Gao Feng Advisory Company? Also, what was the motivating factor for Edward to decide to start his own consulting firm?
  • At the core of it, what is the difference between the traditional way of thinking and the "China way" of thinking?
  • What sort of channels does Edward use to distribute that thought leadership and get their brand out there? Also, does Edward identify as the brand? Is Edward effectively Gao Feng?

252: Ria Lao – Groupstar (Founders in Asia FIA4)

    • The key question of when to pivot and what to focus on, the curse of the entrepreneur - everything is an opportunity
    • Is it necessary to have a co-founder when starting a business? Ria and Jodie share their thoughts
    • Ria's number one tip for others who are interested in setting up a business in this region- don't quit your day job!

243: Julian Kwan – Investacrowd (Founders in Asia FIA3)

  • How did Julian Kwan get started in Singapore? Its the best place to start a property tech business. Thinking where the investment comes from is critical
  • The huge sense of belief and 150% conviction that you need to have in starting a business. The dilemma startups face with an idea thats too early for the market (like real estate token exchanges)
  • Asian companies dont support startups like Western companies do. Raising money from traditional sources is much harder in Asia than in The West - but is this situation changing in recent years?

237: Anna Haotanto (Founders in Asia FIA2)

  • We listen to how Anna Haotanto validated the idea for The New Savvy - a passion project to move women along the spectrum of financial management, to contribute to society
  • How did Anna scale The New Savvy from a financial perspective? Investors from Singapore and Australia who were on board with the mission of The New Savvy and Anna keeping them in the loop of how the business is doing
  • Overcoming the challenges of being a founder - backstory on the hacking of The New Savvy website. Writing about the experience, learning coding, picking herself up and learning to heal, and having a support system

228: Introducing Jodie Collins host of Founders in Asia (FIA1)

  • We are excited to introduce Jodie Collins – Founder of Re/Digital - and the newest member of the ATP Team as host of Founders in Asia!
  • Unlike most of her peers, Jodie Collins decided to head off the beaten path and move to the city of Yuxi, in the Yunnan province of China, to learn Mandarin.
  • At first Jodie was determined to apply everything she had learned back in Sydney – hear what she has to say about the differences in company culture between Australia and Asia.