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Please Read Our Guest Submission Guidelines

We have produced 337 podcast episodes, so we get a lot of requests to speak. To help you pitch a guest on our show here are our guidelines:

  • You must be submitting on your own behalf (we won’t accept proxy submissions)
  • You must be based in Asia and focused on Asian markets
  • We don’t send questions beforehand, so please don’t ask for them. Your interview will sound much better and more engaging if it’s natural. Our hosts aren’t reporters looking for an angle, they are interviewers whose job it is to make you sound great.
  • All our recordings are done via Skype audio.
  • All recordings are done “straight to tape” which means no content editing or requests. Once recorded, the content is finalized, any noises or aberrations removed. We won’t go back and edit on request. The reason we keep it authentic is that’s what listeners want/like. This is not polished PR.
  • We need your help in promoting the show when it goes live. Sharing it with your own network is the best promotion. We expect guests to share the episode with their social network (We find Linkedin to be the most effective).
  • When you complete this form, it will be shared automatically with the show hosts. Your info will help hosts decide if your story syncs with their show themes. If a host likes it, they will contact you directly requesting to book.
Now you’ve read our guidelines,
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