Asia Tech Podcast presents: In The Making with Nishtha Mehta

Host Nishtha Mehta explores, uncovers and brings to light ‘In the making’ backstories of Asian Leaders – from startup entrepreneurs to corporate intrapreneurs and visionaries. What they have built is not a done job, it is very much ‘in the making’ – it has exclamation marks, commas, question marks, spaces and celebratory full stops – but it continues – still ‘in the making’. #NishHosts series

335: In the Making of Miranda Tan, Founder of Robin 8 – On a mission to democratize KOL data via Blockchain and a role model for working mums! (NSH5)

317: In the making: Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp – How 2 corporate professionals switched careers in their mission to democratize coding skills

299: Future of work, up-skilling and top 3 learnings to run impactful conferences and learning events – with Casey Lau – Co-Host, RISE ASIA (NSH3)

280: What must you avoid to fall in the pit of failure? In the Making w/ William Bao Bean and Sebastien Gaudin (NSH2)

263: NishHosts Show – IN THE MAKING Intro (NSH1)