Asia Tech Podcast presents: Cross Border Kyle

Kyle Ellicott, Chief Labs Officer at ReadWrite Labs and Founder of ReadWrite, bridges two worlds: Silicon Valley and the fast-growing megacities of Asia. Traditionally worlds apart, the borders of these two economic powerhouses are becoming increasingly blurred, especially in the world of tech and startups. Kyle helps us make sense of these merging worlds both as an insider translating Asia for The West and an outsider experiencing Asia’s phenomenal rise.

326: John Wise on Loci, Intellectual Property and Blockchain (Cross Border Kyle KYL9)

304: Jan Smejkal aka Your China Guy (Cross Border Kyle KYL9)

274: Andrew Romans on blockchain, ICOs, and venture capital (Cross Border Kyle KYL8)

272: Milan Stevanovich on the Detroit Chinese Business Association (Cross Border Kyle KYL7)

262: Raj Sodhi (Cross Border Kyle KYL6)

257: Does America’s Auto Future Lie in China? (Cross Border Kyle KYL5)

211: Asia’s Amazing Airports and the Launchpad Expo Hong Kong (Cross Border Kyle KYL4)

205: From San Francisco to Shenzhen (Cross Border Kyle KYL3)

197: Innovation Tours in Asia (Cross Border Kyle KYL2)

185: Between Two Bays – San Francisco and The Chinese Greater Bay (Cross Border Kyle KYL1)