Welcome to Asia Tech Podcast: Voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem

330: Clemen Chiang – Spiking, The Power of 1,000 Trading Whales in Your Pocket

329: Damien Cummings – Peoplewave, Building the Google of Recruitment

328: Luka Fajs – Biosensorix, Medical Devices and Stroke Prevention

327: Robin Tan – Cloudzen, The Netflix of games

322: Harith Bakri – Building Malaysian Event Startup Galaspace

321: Daphne Ng – Smart Consentable Data Exchange with Jupiter Chain

320: Xanne Leo – Helping Crypto Wallet Users Store Private Data with Infinitus Token

319: David Yeng – Redefining Asian Insurance with InsureVite

314: Love18 – Could this be the Apple of Chocolate? (Pitchdeck Asia)

310: Social Impact (PitchDeck Asia)

303: FinTech (Pitchdeck Asia)

295: Female Entrepreneurship (Pitchdeck Asia)

286: Jenny Pan – CarePod (PitchDeck Asia)

283: Wei Qing Jen from Vybes (PitchDeck Asia)

282: Graham Brown – Asia Tech Podcast (PitchDeck Asia)

279: Stuart Kerr – Rock Human Devices (PitchDeck Asia)

What is Asia Tech Podcast?

Started as a single podcast by Graham D Brown in 2017, Asia Tech Podcast is now a network of individual podcast shows distributed on iTunes. Our goal is to build a platform to help Asia’s leading experts and influencers tell the story of why Asia Matters.

Miles Wilson: Senior Director The Coca-Cola Company

“Check out this fantastic podcast series. Really interesting group of speakers talking about tech and how it touches their world.”

Kapil Kane: Director of Innovation, Intel China

“Asia Tech Podcast (ATP) brings you stories of seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things in building Asia’s booming Tech Ecosystem.”

Frank Lavin: CEO Export Now, former US Ambassador to Singapore

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Hugh Mason, JFDI

“As Asia’s digital sector grows in confidence it’s great to have intelligent reflection on the big picture.”

Will Fan, CEO QLC

“Enjoyed chatting with Graham on the challenges building a business, finding your network and scaling a cross-border company. We need more people like him championing our individual causes, and bringing entrepreneurs together from different parts of the world. Stay tuned.”