491: The True Value of Podcasting | Asia Tech Podcast

491: The True Value of Podcasting

Asia Tech Podcast Episode #491

On this episode of The Asia Tech Podcast, host Graham Brown discusses the benefits of podcasting itself and the opportunities it offers forward-thinking companies. To do so, Graham ventures outside the region to examine the amazing success that the NPR (or National Public Radio) in the US has enjoyed after going into podcasting. He delves into why NPR’s radio listeners have actually increased after launching their podcast and what other businesses can learn from this. You’ll also learn which podcast Graham feels is the Gold Standard that others should seek to emulate, as well as why he feels storytelling is incredibly important and how it helps to create an emotional connection with the audience.

About Asia Tech Podcast Show Host Graham D Brown

Graham D Brown is podcast host of Sounds of Our City, Pitchdeck Asia and Asia Tech Podcast. Founder of Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest Podcast Media House. He is a regular public speaker on the theme of digital transformation, podcasts and storytelling, an avid podcaster with over 500 episodes published. Notable podcast guests include Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia. Graham is passionate about helping grow the Asian podcast market. He is also author of the report: Podcasting 2020 – A Playbook for Asia which contains case studies and statistics on the growth of podcasting in the world’s largest media market. To stay up to date with the latest trends about Digital Transformation in Asia, follow Graham’s updates by joining his newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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