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“Voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem”
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Since 2017, podcast host Graham Brown has been talking to leading storytellers in Asia to share the challenges of digital transformation and marketing innovation. With over 400 episodes now published, Asia Tech Podcast documents the changing face of the Asian Tech Ecosystem and a unique documentation of The Asian Century.

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About Asia Tech Podcast Host Graham D Brown

  • Published over 500 Podcast Episodes
  • Podcast host of Asia Tech Podcast, Sounds of Our City and Pitchdeck Asia.
  • Founder of Pikkal & Co – Brand Storytelling Consultancy
  • Published author: titles include “Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About”, “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation”, “Podcasting for Robots”, “Public Speaking Like a Pro” and “The Asia Matters Report”.
  • Education: BA Cog Psy & Artificial Intelligence (University of Sussex | UK), Entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School | HBX)
  • Founded mobileYouth in 2000, the world’s first youth focused telecoms company, growing the company to 35 staff, with 620 clients in 45 countries and appearing on CNN, CNBC, BBC TV, in the Financial Times, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal. Graham spoke at Mobile World Congress and at the UN. mobileYouth shaped the marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, The European Commission, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks.
  • Moved to Tokyo in 1995 at the end of the Japanese Bubble era and participated in the rollout of the world’s first consumer mobile internet services (NTT DoCoMo’s iMode).
  • Speaks Japanese, Spanish and English and has been traveling the world full time with his family since 2012, living in New Zealand, the UK, the Canary Islands in Spain, Okinawa in the East China Sea, Japan and Singapore.
  • Ironman Triathlon finisher

What listeners said about Asia Tech Podcast

“Check out this fantastic podcast series. Really interesting group of speakers talking about tech and digital and how it touches their world”

– Miles Wilson: Senior Director Global Commercial Leadership The Coca-Cola Company

“Asia Tech Podcast (ATP) brings you stories of seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things in building Asia’s booming Tech Ecosystem.”

– Kapil Kane: Director of Innovation, Intel China

“Love Asia Tech Podcast. Lively discussions. Up-to-date insight. Asia leads the world in many areas of tech, and ATP allows the listener to keep current.”

– Frank Lavin: CEO Export Now, former US Ambassador to Singapore, Undersecretary Department of Commerce, Chairman APAC Edelman, Principal Bank of America

“Thanks to the ATP team for a great conversation and a very professional setup”

– Kiren Tanna: Co-Founder Zen Rooms, ex CEO of Rocket Internet APACIG, Co-Founder FoodPanda

“Enjoyed chatting with Graham on the challenges building a business, finding your network and scaling a cross-border company. We need more people like him championing our individual causes, and bringing entrepreneurs together from different parts of the world. Stay tuned.”

– Will Fan, CEO QLC

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