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People in the Platform Era

Graham Brown and Nell Watson: AI & Ethics


I graduated with an AI degree in 1995

Long before it was cool. That was last century!

My Career Advisor at University didn’t have a clue what AI was. Rather than send me for job interviews at Facebook and Google in Silicon Valley (which would happen today), she said I should go “teach English in Japan”

25 years later here I am on stage at The Singapore Management Festival this week, talking about Artificial Intelligence, The Asian Century and Digital Transformation.

From Spreadsheets to Storytellers

A key takeaway from my panel session at the AI Summit.

Many high skilled professions risk decimation by the machine if we aren’t able to elevate our skill set beyond spreadsheets.

Tell human stories, empathise, connect.


Podcasting and AI

We are authentic, human beings living in an increasingly fake, automated world.

The more we push into this brave new world of AI, Big Data and Automation, the more our human spirit will yearn for real connection.

That’s why I believe Podcasting and AI are two seemingly unrelated, but interconnected trends.

Podcasting is growing because of AI.

It’s no coincidence.

Podcasting is the only scalable communications that you cannot fake. It’s a coffee conversation at scale. Podcasting is deep, authentic and vulnerable – everything a machine cannot be.

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Elevate to Automate

As we enter the Machine Era, we face a choice:

🤖 1) Mindless AUTOMATION. A race to the bottom of efficiency, a war we will lose with machines.


❤️ 2) Mindful ELEVATION. This should be the goal of our work and digital transformation. Use AI and automation to do the heavy lifting of work, freeing up our minds to focus on FLOW – our human edge.

FLOW is the sweet spot of humanity – communication, authenticity, vulnerability, creativity and storytelling.

Automate to Elevate.

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