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Hypercompetition and Travel

Asia’s Middle Class

The Asian Century in Thailand

Innovation and Young Women in Asia

From Silicon Valley to Asia

Fintech in Asia

Future of Tech in Asia

China and Innovation


By 2030, 2/3 of the World’s Middle Class Will be Living in Asia

By 2030..

2/3 of the world’s middle class will be living here in Asia.

This macro trend will impact everything from
– insurance to
– healthcare to

Asia and the End of Skill Assymetry

The ‘West’ no longer has an edge over Asia in terms of skill.

Every nation now has smart people.

What matters now is…

…how much access those smart people have to
– markets and
– capital

How young women disrupt communications tech

WeChat, LINE and WhatsApp are used by nearly 3 billion people worldwide.

But where did this technology really come from?

There are many theories out there, but one that often doesn’t get credit is the innovation of Japanese High School girls. When it comes to decentralized communication technologies, young Asian females are often quick to identify and assimilate new trends.


The $30 Trillion Asian Middle Class

The Asian Middle Classes will be worth $30 trillion by 2030. That’s twice the size of the US economy today.

– Asia’s 3.5 billion Middle Class in 2030 will be a GREENFIELD market.
– There is an immense STORYTELLING GAP. They won’t be buying the soap powders or banks of their parents
– Brands that tell the right stories to the right people here in Asia have the opportunity to define a BRAND LEGACY that could last generations

The World will not be able to ignore the unbending gravitational pull of Asia’s growing middle class.

This is the story of The Asian Century

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2/3rds of the World’s Middle Class will be Living in Asia by 2030

📊 Asia’s middle class will be worth $30 trillion (twice the size of the US economy) by 2030.

📊 By 2030, 2/3rd of the world’s middle classes will be living in Asia.

📊 Asia now does more trade with itself than it does with the rest of the world.

📊 Asia’s travel sector will grow 53% to $650 billion in the next 5 years (source PATA).

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Alibaba and Big Data

A spicy Snickers bar!

Big Data can help develop radical product lines, as in this case of Alibaba + Snickers.

But Data is only as good as the story we can tell about it.

In a world overwhelmed by information, the skill of telling an engaging story is key to the success of innovation.

– Data is insight
– Story is what that insight means to you

PS: Thanks to DHL for inviting me to speak at their APAC Innovation Centre to share the story of innovation in Asia.

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Podcasting in Asia

📊 With a potential audience of 4.5 billion, the Podcasting market in Asia Pacific is BLUE SKY 🔥

– By 2030, 2/3 of the world’s middle class will be living Asia, and not buying the soap powders and cars their parents bought.
– The world’s most advanced podcast market is in Korea (52% of population)
– One of the fastest growing markets in Asia is young female listeners

In the last 18 months I’ve podcasted in Japan, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and of course Singapore.

And every day more podcasters and brands are asking how to get in on the action.

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Leadership in the Exponential Era Book

As we enter the new decade we are faced with new challenges. The 4th Industrial Revolution will create winners and losers.

In this book, author Graham D Brown shares the strategies of Leaders navigating the paradigm shift in business competition brought on by the 3 Exponential Macros of the 4th Industrial Revolution:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connectivity
  • Asia

264 page digital PDF copy of Leadership in the Exponential Era available for free direct download from Dropbox.

Podcasting for Brands™ Book

The go-to guide for brand Leaders and podcast managers who want to know what’s working in the world of business podcasts today. Drawing from our team experience of producing over 600 podcasts and 30 brand case studies including Facebook, Slack, Andreesen Horowitz, Amazon Web Services, Netflix and Google.

136 Page Guide with recommendations on how brands should approach podcasts and what is required to make podcasts sustainable and successful long term.

  • 30 Case Studies of Brand Original Podcasts
  • The Pikkal Podcast Quadrant – a map to help understand the different types of Brand Original Podcasts
  • Analysis of business objectives, podcast call to action and meta themes
  • 10 Headline Statistics on the global podcast market.


How will Artificial Intelligence impact Leadership, Connection and Communication?

The XL:AI book is the updated synposis of the Artificial Intelligence sections of the main XL Book.

Companies featured include: Amazon, Biomind, Ford, General Motors, Google, Haidilao Hot Pot, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, PWC, Southwest Airlines, Tesla, Xiaomi, Zappos

XL:AI details how Artificial Intelligence will impact:
– lawyers, accountants, doctors
– healthcare
– storytelling
– automotive
– gender inequality
– branding
– retail