Gustavo Liu – Host of The Blockchain Asia Show

Born in Asia, raised in Latin America, educated in UK. In this podcast, Gustavo Liu, Co-Founder of The Hungry Lab, talks about his experience living in Taiwan, Paraguay, Brazil, UK & Singapore and his learnings from these diverse geographies. He shares how he transitioned from the banking universe to helping startups grow & raise funds. He also discusses with our show host Graham Brown how his passion for Blockchain led to co-hosting Blockchain Asia Show on Asia Tech Podcast.

Kiren Tanna – CEO Zenrooms, Co-Founder FoodPanda, Rocket Internet

When Kiren Tanna started Zenrooms, he and his co-founder lived out of hotels for weeks, pitching hotel owners on the go. It’s this form of startup hustle that you need to make your business successful. Kiren was former CEO and co-founder of FoodPanda, CEO of APACIG (Rocket Internet’s Asia Pacific Internet Group). He understands both the challenges and requirements of building a successful startup in Asia. In this interview we discuss the genesis of Zenrooms, recruitment and his philosophy on building teams.

Dr Steven Chua – $6 Billion Developer of Singapore Sentosa

Dr. Steven Chua joins Asia Tech Podcast today to share insights on how he has helped shaped some of Asia’s largest hospitality projects. Most famous of which is the $6 billion development of Sentosa island in Singapore.
Multi-billion dollar projects require constant communication. One of the most important skills in making these projects happen is the simple human skill of being able to sit down with stakeholders and share progress, communicate the challenges even when things aren’t working out to plan (there will always be some form of firefighting).

Vishal Doshi – AUM Biosciences, AI and the Cure for Cancer

In a world infatuated by the latest shiny technology it’s easy to lose sight of the key challenges facing our time – like finding a cure for cancer.
The drug discovery process is both expensive and by nature highly wasteful. Less than 5% of drugs under development ever reach the mass market. But that doesn’t mean the 95% are not worthy of public consumption, it just means the economics didn’t make sense for larger pharmaceuticals. AUM Biosciences wants to change that. By applying AI and Big Data technology to the extensive data sets generated by pharmaceutical companies, AUM hopes to sift through the drugs that didn’t make the mass market and revisit those that could work under different conditions. Could this mean access to cheaper drugs? Could this mean we also see Asia driving drug discovery and innovation in the future?

Hal Bosher – Frontier Market Pioneer, CEO of Yoma Bank Myanmar

Canadian Hal Bosher is the CEO of Yoma Bank Myanmar, a true pioneer in all senses of the word. Hal has lived across different cultures and continents with stints in the US, Germany, the UK, the Indian Ocean and now more recently Myanmar, to name just a few countries. Having the ability to adapt to new and uncomfortable environments is a valuable skill – you learn to empathise with different kinds of people regardless of their backgrounds.That’s a powerful tool when tasked with the challenge of growing a retail bank in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In this interview we dive into Myanmar to learn about the vibe that shapes everyday life, the adoption of technology and entrepreneurship. We also talk about the mindset required to not just survive, but thrive in frontier markets.

Busting the Myths and Overcoming the Stigma Associated with Sales

Podcast highlights:

William Gilchrist, founder of Konsyg & formerly of Google, along with our show host Graham Brown showcase the power of storytelling for sales as well as all other functions of an organization. They talk about current differences & pros that American startups have over Asian startups and why Apple & Google still dominates the global tech space. William also shares with us his journey, discusses various aspects of sales whilst clearing some common misconceptions about sales profession.