Daniel West – CEO & Founder of Panalyt, People Analytics That Works

Daniel J West, Founder and CEO of Panalyt shares how they are solving the one problem faced by both HR individuals and business leaders of using multiple tools and spaces to store their various HR data. With over 20 years of international HR experience at Morgan Stanley, Apple and Uber, Daniel has seen this long running problem as a pain point and was determined to put an end to it. That was how Panalyt came about. To find out more about Panalyt, listen to the full episode.

Paul Schulte – How are Alibaba, Grab & Blockchain Disrupting the Financial Sector in Asia?

Paul Schulte of Schulte Research shares how the likes of Alibaba, Tencent, WeChat and Grab are disrupting the financial sector in the Asian market. He also highlights how these companies are utilising technological advancements, like blockchain to cause this disruption. So listen to this interview with Paul Schulte to find out how these mentioned companies have become significant players in the FinTech space.

Martin Daffner – China at the Cutting-Edge of Innovation

Martin Daffner, the President and Founder of Innobrix shares about innovation in China, the 25 years of experience he has with brands such as Cisco, Avery Dennison, P&G and how to turn ideas into revenue. Also, he gives some insights about lean startups for China and how that fits into China for an innovation model. So coming up in the next 40 minutes, if you want to learn about the cutting-edge of innovation, listen to this interview with Martin Daffner of Innobrix.

Magnus Grimeland – CEO Antler, Navy Seal, Co-Founder Zalora, Rocket Internet

Former co-founder or Global Fashion Group, Zalora and Rocket Internet Group, Magnus Grimeland, CEO of startup generator, knows how to scale startups. In this interview we talk about the key qualities Magnus looks for in a startup founder and the process they take startups through to validate the business model. We discuss the importance of challenging assumptions, stepping outside your comfort zone in everything from building your team to getting to the first sale. We also touch upon Magnus’s philosophy to business and life, his time as a Norwegian Navy Seal and his passion for extreme sports from ice climbing to Ironman triathlon.

JW Ngeow – CEO of MegaX Singapore, $25 million exits

Jiawen “JW” Ngeow describes herself as a “deviant”. In her own words, she excelled at underperforming at school. That’s not easy in a society like Singapore that prides itself on academic achievement.
Yet, JW has proven many of her doubters wrong. From building the MegaFash retailer to investing in numerous startups in Singapore, JW’s career has included over $25 million of successful exits. Now, she is applying her knowledge of scaling startups to Blockchain and payments in retail, as COO and co-founder of iFashion Group.

In this interview we discuss JW’s thoughts on what makes a successful startup entrepreneur and also what personality traits she looks for in growing her startup team.

335: In the Making of Miranda Tan, Founder of Robin 8 – On a mission to democratize KOL data via Blockchain and a role model for working mums! (NSH5)

Podcast highlights:

  • 02:55 Nishtha describes Miranda Tan, CEO and Founder of Robin8, as an amazing role model for working woman as Miranda shares how she manages her role as an entrepreneur, a Mother and a wife.
  • 05:59 Miranda shares why is it necessary to be direct sometimes as it clarifies what people expect from her. However, she also adds its necessary to be diplomatic, depending on the situation presented.
  • 08:53 Miranda elaborates what an ICO is and further explains the ICO process. She also shares how her company, Robin8, was able to raise funds from it within 6 weeks
  • 24:14 Miranda explains why it is good to fail early and explains the importance of learning from failures.
  • 30:28 Miranda shares more about her company, Robin8, which is an influencer search engine powered by big data AI. She goes on to further elaborate why they have added blockchian to their search engine.

334: Robs Jobs, A Hassle-Free Job Portal for Indonesian Job Seekers (LIN3)

Podcast highlights:

  • 05:48 Rob Davies shares how he was mesmerised with Indonesia and its potential economy growth. Hence, all it took was two days for him to packs his bags from England and move over to Indonesia.
  • 21:00 Coming from a telecommunications background, Rob decided that he wanted to do something new thus establishing Robs Jobs. He also shares the pain point for Indonesian job seekers and how Rob jobs is aiming to solve that issue.
  • 34:00 Rob elaborates how he was able to find the right people for Robs Jobs, despite a significant rise in tech startups in Indonesia.

333: The Grind #2 – The No Holds Barred, After Hours podcast for startup entrepreneurs

  • 01:45 Please share 1 success from your week
  • 12:30 What’s the worst business idea you ever had?
  • 25:20 Why didn’t you invent Facebook?
  • 32:30 What is the 1 skill you would like to master?
  • 41:00 How many times have you thought of giving up and running away?
  • 48:10 The government bans you from entrepreneurship for life, what job do you take?
  • 60:00 So you’re making a bet with the room for $10,000 – what is the one bet you would most likely win?
  • 68:15 What is your secret entrepreneur super power?
  • 88:40 You are directing a movie of your startup life – who is the lead actor?
  • 92:05 If you had to create a visual brand gimmick, what would it be?
  • 96:44 What makes you a difficult boss to work for?