500: A Story of Scorpions, Spin Bikes and Billionaires | Asia Tech Podcast

Enjoy this special celebration for the 500th episode of Asia Tech Podcast. I share the highlights and memorable moments of my podcast journey including the time I ate a scorpion, talked to 2 billionaire entrepreneurs (Rod Drury and Tony Fernandes), and recorded episodes on a bike, in a rice field, at the airport and on the airplane. It’s been a wild adventure, thank you for your support and feedback. Here’s to 500 more episodes.

498: Howard Yu – How to Build Diverse Teams for Consistent Innovation | Asia Tech Podcast

Howard Yu is the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD Business School, and author of LEAP. In this conversation, we share top level insights from Howard’s talk at the Singapore Management Festival. We look at how companies innovate for hypergrowth, not just in the short term, but over generations. Howard shares case studies on innovative companies that may surprise you such as John Deere (an agricultural machinery manufacturer). We also take a look at success and failure in Asia’s hypercompetitive markets, the role of diversity in innovation, and the 3 steps organizational leaders can take to nurture more innovative cultures. It’s a conversation that looks under the hood of business success and failure, companies that include Amazon, AWS, Tencent, DBS, Kodak and GoJek.

497: People are the product – How Platforms will compete | Asia Tech Podcast

I’m spending a couple of days with my client Xero down in Brisbane Australia this week for Xerocon. Xerocon is the manifestation of how a platform competes in this era of digital transformation. At the end of the day, it’s about people. Xero is an $8bn SAAS platform but it’s product isn’t really beautiful accounting software, it’s the whole experience – it’s this event, it’s every interaction with the people in the team and it’s their story. The physical software is just one tool in this bigger product suite. That’s the experience we as customers buy today.

496: Digital Transformation and the New Customer Experience | Asia Tech Podcast

In this special edition of Asia Tech Podcast I share an inside look on what’s happening in the fast moving world of Customer Experience in Asia. Case studies featured include Alibaba Hema, PingAn Financial, Grab, Uber, Emirates and Airasia. The challenge facing brands in Asia is their competition won’t come from the next guy in category, but from a completely different sector. This asynchronous competition – players like Alibaba or Amazon – will be well resourced and able to wipe out incumbents and with them generations of legacy. We look at how Asia is positioned to accommodate Digital Transformation and who is leading in this space.

495: Why China Matters | Asia Tech Podcast

This week on Asia Tech Podcast, Geoffrey Handley and Chris Grimshaw-Jones from Haitao Capital joins Graham D Brown to talk about the impact China has on the global economy. For the next 50 mins, they discuss the difference between Singles Day & Black Friday Sales and the 9-9-6 formula employed by Chinese companies.

494: Podcasting for Community – Unlocking the $350 billion talent market | Asia tech Podcast

In today’s Asia Tech Podcast I share insights on how brands can use podcasts to acquire and retain talent. While traditionally this may be seen as a recruitment or HR function, increasingly this will become how brands compete against each other into the next decade. By humanizing their brands through podcasting, companies like Grab, GoJek and SAP can create new revenue streams and reduce the cost of talent acquisition. If you’re interested in getting a copy of the report that I discuss in this podcast, email me Graham Brown [email protected]

493: How Brands Can Use Podcasts to Reach Asia’s $30 Trillion Middle Class | Asia Tech Podcast

Spotify has spent $400m on acquiring a winning strategy in podcasting. Their acquisitions include Gimlet Media, Anchor and Parcast. While the industry has analysed this strategic direction in detail, nobody has broken this down for Asia.

In Asia Tech Podcast 493, my colleague Prarthana Sibal joins me to look at the podcast opportunity in Asia. We unpack Asia’s $30 trillion middle class and frontrun the demographic trends that could make Asia a huge greenfield market. We discuss why young girls are avid consumers or true crime podcasts, why Asian brands have a substantial storytelling gap that won’t be filled by legacy or ad agencies, and how the podcast market in Asia could be potentially bigger than the rest of the world.

492: AirAsia’s Digital Transformation: Can an airline trade at Netflix multiples?

AirAsia is an interesting case study. On the one hand, it’s an airline. On the other, it sits in the middle of a hypercompetitive cauldron of opportunity. A 5 hour flight from HQ in Malaysia gives you access to 3.5 billion people, half the world’s population.

Add to this the rising tide of Asia’s $30 trillion Middle Class. With 40 million people visiting the website every month and 100 million passengers flying, it’s possible to argue their valuations, based on data potential alone, should be seen in the same context as Netflix (135x) and Gojek (200x) rather than General Electric (16x) or General Motors (6x).

The residing challenge for any airline is the fact that 99.9% of the time, its customers aren’t in a plane, and that most people still see them as an airline.

Digital transformation takes good leadership and a compelling story; a story that reframes their value. How do you build an ecosystem around a platform when 90% of the value is created off payroll? How do you foster lean startup thinking within the walls of a corporation?

In this podcast I’ll unpack the challenges and also where I think they are heading.