Menarini Fireside Chat – Corporate Innovation Means Getting Comfortable with Risk

In this 30 min Fireside chat, Tom speaks to Graham about the purpose of holding the Menarini conference, bringing together the créme de la créme of Menarini employees, to understand how everyone can work together better, sharing successful innovative ideas already implemented by few within the organization with everyone else across departments.

Tom reiterates the point that innovation doesn’t necessarily have to start at the top of the organization, it can start at any level and they just have to facilitate these ideas. It is important for smaller players like Menarini to be more innovative to compete with the big pharma and this is easier for them given they are more nimble.

We hear about 3 examples of innovative ideas implemented within the organization by Michael, Reza & CY from different departments in diverse regions like Australia, Philippines & Malaysia. Listen to the entire interaction to know more about these innovations and how such baby steps are being progressively encouraged within the organization by the top management.

Nell Watson – Evolution of AI and where is it leading us

Nell Watson, Founder of QuantaCorp (Poikos) and who describes herself as a Machine Learning & Tech philosopher, joins host Graham Brown in conversation about Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of the hottest topics today and there are some burning questions that are often asked about the subject, like how is it going to affect businesses, or what will be it’s impact on society and us humans in general. There are endless debates raging about AI and ethics. Over the next 50 mins, Nell and Graham delve into the fascinating world of AI to understand Nell’s perspective on these questions.

Nell shines light on her journey in the field of AI and the changes in this field that she has witnessed over this period. She not only gives us her history, but also takes us through the history of AI as well. She talks about few sample problems she believes AI has solved or where it has vastly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. We also get to know the relation between AI and human learning and her answer to the all important question of whether AI can one day replace humans.

A must listen podcast, especially for AI & Data Analytics enthusiasts, with scores of interesting anecdotes to explain some of the more complex issues of AI in a very simple manner.

450: How to Make Corporate Innovation Work

Asia Tech Podcast was at LEVEL3 Singapore to talk to Adam Lyle (Executive Chairman Padang & Co., Head @LEVEL3 Singapore), David Ryan (Head of Commercial Excellence and Digital, Syngenta) and Sudipto Roy (Managing Director, Team Unilever AAR (Asia, Africa, Russia) @Mindshare).

In this conversation, David Ryan and Sudipto Roy shared with us their experience, their work over the past few years and their reasons for coming to a busy hub like Singapore. They also talked about corporate innovation and how LEVEL3 is bringing the right people to the right place by creating an open space for innovation. We hear from our guests about innovation that takes place in spaces rather than departments.

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448: Vinnie Lauria – Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

In this conversation, Vinnie Lauria, Managing Partner of Golden Gate Ventures, shared with us his story on how he got into the investor’s space as well as how Golden Gate Ventures came about. He first walked us through his individual entrepreneurial journey when he was in the US and then subsequently, his story on how he came into Asia.

Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia, since 2011, it has invested in over 30 companies across more than 7 countries in Asia. We hear from Vinnie about his successes and failures from the 2 startups that he was involved in and what he learnt from his mistakes before coming into Asia.

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Asia’s Podcast Revolution Starts Here

Podcasting is hot, and Asia will soon start enjoying its own media revolution.

But, most people have got podcasting wrong. Podcasting should not compete with Youtube, or 8 second attention spans. The future of podcasting is long form, authentic conversations that are missing in our modern lives.

Think of podcasting as you would Starbucks – an analog anomaly in a digital world. But podcasting is not about selling coffee, like Starbucks you are selling connection.

In this article I look at what’s driving the podcasting revolution and how you can get on board.

343: The Blockchain Asia Show with Gustavo, Kagen and Jose

This week on The Blockchain Asia show Gustavo Liu is joined by Jose He and Kagen Atkinson . Together they will discuss about crypto kitties, Expo, ICO winter and how to weather out through the current volatility in the crypto space.

  • Beyond CryptoKitties: Is There A Place For Blockchain In The B2C Market?
  • Launched in October 2017, CryptoKitties is a virtual game in where players buy, collect, breed, and even sell virtual cats. But the uniqueness of the game is that it is built on the blockchain technology developed by Ethereum.

  • Introducing expo, the simplest way to margin trade cryptocurrency
  • Today, we’re excited to announce expo, the first completely trustless way to margin trade. Expo is built on the dYdX Protocol, and will be the easiest way to buy and sell dYdX Margin Tokens. Expo will initially support Short Ethereum ‘sETH’, an ERC-20 token pegged to a short ETH position, and will add support for additional short and leveraged assets in the future. Expo will be live on mainnet on October 2, 2018.

  • ICO Winter
  • Lower Public Interest in ICOs. Google Search Trends is a good indicator of public interest on how popular a term is based on search volume. The graphs show a clear and definite correlation between market capitalisation and its volume vs the market interest and volume.

340: ATP This Week – 1st Oct 2018

We are gonna review what’s going on in the world of Asia Tech Podcast. Coming up, highlights from shows in the studio, including visits by Jiawen Ngeow from Mega X. We’re gonna look at who was on ATP Stories this week. Some of the delights that we’ll be sharing with you when we reach Hong Kong for the launch pad event, as well as the latest from the Grind, Asia Matters, the Blockchain Asia Show, C-Suite Exchange and Out And About in The City of Singapore with Start Up Weekend. That’s all coming up in the next 25 minutes.

339: ATP This Week – 24th Sep 2018

Hello and Welcome to Asia Tech Podcast this week my name is Graham Brown here in the Asia Tech Podcast studio in Singapore introducing a new show for you which is the headline show, Asia Tech Podcast this week, we will be introducing everything that’s going on in the world of Asia Tech Podcast, everything in the Asian tech ecosystem, all the new shows, all the new events and all the new people. So what we do every week is this top headline show where we introduce all the other shows. Now if you are following on iTunes, you see the iTunes feed has changed, what we are doing now is the weekly show on the main Asia Tech Podcast feed, feed and all the other shows that we have now we are putting that on individual feeds on iTunes, so you can find them there. Coming up in the next 30 minutes, a review and a preview if you like of all the different shows and events happening in Asia Tech Podcast world this week.