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Digital Transformation and the New Customer Experience

AirAsia Digital Transformation

Hypercompetition and Travel


The End of Benchmarking

Digital Transformation means the end of benchmarking as we know it.

In the New Customer Experience, people aren’t comparing you to your neighbour,

…they’re comparing you to
– Alibaba,
– Amazon and
– Apple

The Digital Transformation of Communications

The next wave of Digital Transformation will be a radical decentralization of communications.

– How companies tell stories
– who tells those stories
– and what they talk about

…will fundamentally change the shape of business in the next 10 years.


Digital Transformation is About People

Digital Transformation isn’t about digital, it’s about people.

Our challenge isn’t finding the next tool but the right mindset to navigate change.

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Digital Transformation isn’t About Digital

Digital transformation isn’t about digital, it’s about PEOPLE…

Digital, Data and Artificial Intelligence are great levellers – everyone can have access to the same toolsets whether they are a one man startup or a billion dollar Unicorn.

That means in the Digital Era, the only barriers to entry left, the only things worth competing for, and the only stories you should be telling are those of your PEOPLE:

1) the people who make it
2) the people who buy it
3) the people you partner with

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