299: Future of work, up-skilling and top 3 learnings to run impactful conferences and learning events – with Casey Lau – Co-Host, RISE ASIA (NSH3)

299: Future of work, up-skilling and top 3 learnings to run impactful conferences and learning events – with Casey Lau – Co-Host, RISE ASIA (NSH3)

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Experts predict Asia’s travel market will grow 56% to $670 billion by 2024. CEO Tony Fernandes has already set out a Digital Transformation strategy that will evolve AirAsia from being an airline to a digital travel company. It’s a bold challenge, but one with the right leadership and vision in place. In my playbook for change, “The Digital Transformation Story” I share case studies of brands who are facing the digital transformation challenge, a challenge that is ultimately about people not digital.

In this disruptive shift from Industrial to Digital, Pipeline to Platform, companies will need to adapt from the Big Idea to Big Data. Communication will shift from the external buying of attention to internal storytelling to create innovative tribes of purpose within their ecosystems.

Podcast highlights:

  • [00:53] Let’s start with Casey’s In the making’, the man behind the growth of RISE Asia in the past 4 years as it’s co-host and how he met and agree to join Paddy Cosgrave, the Founder of RISE, who also founded Web Summit for Europe and Collision for US – the brain behind this vision of disrupting tech conferences for scale and impact.
  • [04:54] On disrupting conference/learning and development formats for the sake of the audience. Are you re thinking of how you design them? People are looking for engaging content. It’s no longer that you can throw someone on the stage and expect someone to listen to them. You have to have a whole experience. It’s like going to Disneyland. That’s what Paddy has created with the conferences. It is like Disneyland – you see the big attractions, but you also try out the crazy hot dog, the mickey waffles, take a roller coaster ride. Some times you don’t know where you end up, whom you meet. It is very spontaneous. A great example of “ENGINEERING SYNCHRONICITY” – using data science, using technology to run a conference/learning events).
  • [09:35] Starting up vs. Startups? Starting up in a big Corporate or a tech company is a huge trend too. #Futureofwork
  • [11:30] Conferences are a great way to stay competitive, upskill oneself – be it as a speaker or as an attendee or as an organiser. Let’s talk about the 3 major takeaways and learnings: 1. ***How to put together a conference 2. ***Speaking at Conference – How to pitch to sign up as a speaker and speak more effectively at public conferences/ public events 3. ***How to network more effectively
  • 21: 58 Pitfalls or failures or Lessons to be shared. Any example?
  • [28:23] Future of work. Role of network, the community outside of your own company, own startup? How would work differently tomorrow and the ways to keep up skilling yourself
  • [31:00] Biggest asset of an accelerator is it’s network. The mentor network
  • [03:39] Why RISE is different and unique? 1. We are able to bring an amazing speaker team from around the world to Asia/ HK. Like – founder of Tinder, founder of Didi coming this year (July 2018). We are able to mix lot of the European, American and Asian leaders together on stage and not easy to inter mingle otherwise. 2. It doesn’t end at 5 pm. It takes a breather and continues through the night – for what we call the NIGHT SUMMIT. So one can continue sharing what you’ve learnt during the day, meet investors, media, all kinds of tech people… Rise turns the entire city in a startup hub for 3 days.
  • RISE 2018 (4th year) is happening on July 9-12.