158: Holly Harrington – Everiii, Taiwan StartUp Stadium

158: Holly Harrington – Everiii, Taiwan StartUp Stadium

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Experts predict Asia's travel market will grow 56% to $670 billion by 2024. CEO Tony Fernandes has already set out a Digital Transformation strategy that will evolve AirAsia from being an airline to a digital travel company. It's a bold challenge, but one with the right leadership and vision in place. In my playbook for change, "The Digital Transformation Story" I share case studies of brands who are facing the digital transformation challenge, a challenge that is ultimately about people not digital.

In this disruptive shift from Industrial to Digital, Pipeline to Platform, companies will need to adapt from the Big Idea to Big Data. Communication will shift from the external buying of attention to internal storytelling to create innovative tribes of purpose within their ecosystems.

Podcast highlights:

  • Introduction to Holly Harrington and Startup Stadium Taiwan - Taiwan's unique startup accelerator program
  • What makes Taiwan a unique proposition for startup founders?
  • Why do startup ecosystems need to build relationships outside of their own cities/countries?

Podcast notes:

  • [00:40] Some background on Holly Harrington
  • [04:00] How did Holly end up in Taiwan?
  • [07:35] An experience of living in Taiwan as an American
  • [11:03] How technology has made our life easier
  • [15:05] How did Holly get into the startup world?
  • [19:40] An importance of diversity and bilingualism in a team
  • [25:26] The Taiwanese diaspora
  • [29:05] What Taiwan StartUp Stadium does
  • [35:47] How to participate in Taiwan StartUp Stadium program
  • [40:20] How did Holly’s company manage to build relationships with traditional companies that aren’t innovative?
  • [43:20] Other investment partners in Japan. Conferences in Taiwan
  • [49:43] Promoting and building connections on conferences and trips
  • [58:55] Learning along the way with those you help. Communication and unity between startups
Holly Harrington is the General Manager at Taiwan Startup Stadium. Taiwan Startup Stadium, a program funded by Taiwan's National Development Council, is dedicated to bridging Taiwan startups with opportunities around world. Holly is passionate about mentoring startup founders, helping them get funded and is committed to helping them build globally relevant businesses. She is involved in every aspect of the programs that TSS develops and implements and is deeply focused on their outcomes. Holly is also the co-Founder of Everiii, a Taiwan-based firm founded in 2014 with a global mission to connect people and companies across cultures. We had an incredible discussion about Taiwan, startups and the challenges and thrills of helping teams go global!