049: Miles Wilson – Senior Director of Global Leadership, Coca-Cola

049: Miles Wilson – Senior Director of Global Leadership, Coca-Cola

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Experts predict Asia's travel market will grow 56% to $670 billion by 2024. CEO Tony Fernandes has already set out a Digital Transformation strategy that will evolve AirAsia from being an airline to a digital travel company. It's a bold challenge, but one with the right leadership and vision in place. In my playbook for change, "The Digital Transformation Story" I share case studies of brands who are facing the digital transformation challenge, a challenge that is ultimately about people not digital.

In this disruptive shift from Industrial to Digital, Pipeline to Platform, companies will need to adapt from the Big Idea to Big Data. Communication will shift from the external buying of attention to internal storytelling to create innovative tribes of purpose within their ecosystems.
Miles Wilson is the senior director heading up Global Leadership at the Coca-Coca company based in Asia. Miles has worked in Asia for over 10 years, living in Hong Kong, Shanghai and now Singapore. As a senior exec in one of the world’s most recognizable brands, Miles gets the opportunity to a unique level of access to Asian markets and the opportunity to see them grow from the early days. In this interview Miles shares what his role encompasses at Coca-Cola and life as an exec in Asia.