Padmanabhan Ramaswamy & Mritunjay Kumar – Founders of InsightzClub

Its been a successful couple of years for Padmanabhan Ramaswamy & Mritunjay Kumar, Founders of InsightzClub, who join our host Neville McKenzie in the ATP studio. They take us through their journey of setting up InsightzClub and the challenges they faced along the way. An interesting conversation about how they are using data & cutting edge technology to derive deep consumer insights for their clients. Listen to the entire episode here.

Ling Ling T – Host of Leaders of Learning Podcast

Ling Ling, host of Leaders of Learning Podcast joins Graham Brown in the Asia Tech Podcast studio to share her story and talk about her motivations for starting a Podcast. Ling Ling talks about the varied subjects she has been covering in her show, her thoughts behind curating the show and her guest selection process. She also tells us how the podcast has helped in her corporate training business.

Sarah-Ann Yong – Host of ASB Podcast

“I knew that I wanted to leave a legacy……” – Sarah-Ann Yong, host of ASB Podcast and a current full time student of Asia School of Business, talks to Graham Brown about her motivations behind starting the ASB Podcast. Sarah tells us in detail about her entire journey in the podcasting field, the guests she wants to feature on her show, about her learning curve and her growth as a podcaster from the 1st episode in August 2018 to now after crossing few months worth of episodes. A must listen conversation for all who are toying with the idea of starting their own podcast or for that matter any side hustle of their own.

Elliott Zaagman – Co-host of the China Tech Investor Podcast

“Sometimes this idea of decorum or formality causes people to not actually call out the BS when you see it ….and that’s what we like to do.” – Elliot Zaagman, Co-host of China Tech Investor Podcast talks to Graham Brown about what his podcast along with his friend and Co-host James Hull covers. He tells us through his story from being in the US to ending up in China. Graham and Elliot then delve into all things “China” and talk about the changes that are happening in the Chinese market and tech ecosystem.

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Jason Choi – Host Of Blockcrunch Podcast

“The best way to learn is through conversations” – Jason Choi, host of Blockcrunch Podcast tells us about his motivations to start a podcast in Blockchain and Crypto space and why his conversations look to go deeper into the subject matter of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and #cryptotwitter. Jason and Graham also discuss on the podcasting scenario in US compared to Asia. Jason takes us behind the scenes of his podcast show telling us about his guests, how he selects them, the show formats he designs and the content distribution partnership model he has entered into for his podcast distribution. Listen to the entire episode to learn more about podcasting, especially in Asia, the different operational formats of podcasters.

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