Marta Dowejko – Is Shenzhen The Next Silicon Valley?

Marta Dowejko, research assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University joins us today. She was the lead of the global entrepreneurship monitor of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Marta has published research articles on the ecosystems in Asia, Hong Kong and Greater China specifically. So for the next 30 minutes we’re gonna learn about the Hong Kong tech ecosystem, more about the greater bay and Shenzhen, with data from her latest research and the investment rates in Shenzhen compared to the rest of the world.

Paul Schulte – How are Alibaba, Grab & Blockchain Disrupting the Financial Sector in Asia?

Paul Schulte of Schulte Research shares how the likes of Alibaba, Tencent, WeChat and Grab are disrupting the financial sector in the Asian market. He also highlights how these companies are utilising technological advancements, like blockchain to cause this disruption. So listen to this interview with Paul Schulte to find out how these mentioned companies…