018: Autonomous Vehicles in Asia (Part 2)

Following on from last week’s episode on Autonomous Vehicles in Asia, we continue with part 2. This week we look at the key players in the Autonomous Vehicle Market, legislation challenges and which countries we believe at ATP will lead the market by 2020. Featured this week: Samsung, Amazon, Google, Baidu, Facebook, Uber, Grab Taxi, Gojek, BMW, Peugeot, VW, Tesla, Ford, SEMA, Waymo, Nutonomy, AI, motor insurance, parking lots, emergency services, meeting space, travel, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, US, Thailand, Japan, Australia, UK, Germany, China, South Korea, Code Republic

016: Why & When Startup Founders Should Ask for Help Raising Money

Why & When Startup Founders Should Ask for Help Raising Money. We’re talking about funding challenges for startup founders and the emergence of new VC models in Asia based on old VC models. First, and following on from last week’s episode, a new development in the $1 trillion business travel market. Featured this week: Pillow & Space, Metro Residences Singapore, Zen Rooms, Cocoon Capital, Airbnb, Ebay, Benchmark Capital, Agoda, Manila, Bangkok, Monthida McCoole, Michael Blakey and Will Klippgen

014: Asia and The $1 Trillion Business Travel Market

The $1 Trillion Business Travel Market and Asia. Asia is world’s biggest business travel market. A report by McKinsey & Company indicates that Asia accounts for more than a third of the US$1 trillion annual spending in the business traveler market. But are hotels keeping up with demand? A new generation of business traveler is increasingly being offered (and demanding) the flexibility for a different experience. Airbnb and companies like Metro Residences are redesigning the business travel market by offering professionals what they want. Features this week include Metro Residences Singapore, Rakuten Japan, Priceline, Agoda, Airbnb, Uber, Ebay, SalesWhale, Y-Combinator and Artificial Intelligence.