083: Angela Mackay – Managing Director of The Financial Times APAC

I spoke to Angela Mackay today about developments in digital media including podcasting and the growth of video as a platform.  We discussed experimentation in content creation, the current state of advertising, the power of global distribution and partnerships and subscription models versus ad based business.

Angela is the Managing Director and Publisher of Asia Pacific for the Financial Times and also sits on its Global Board.  Hence her views on things financial, business development, and private equity are deeply nuanced and highly valuable.  If you have not already listened to Angela speak, you should…

070: Bay McLaughlin – CEO of Hardware Accelerator BRINC

Joining us today from Hong Kong is Bay Mclaughin, hardware entrepreneur, angel investor and the man behind the AskBetaBay YouTube series.

A big part of the Asian tech ecosystem is Hardware. Bay’s an entrepreneur with a passion for both hardware and growing hardware businesses in Asia. He was a founding team member of Apple’s global SMB channel and founder of their first entrepreneurship channel. He’s the cofounder of BRINC which describes itself as part incubator, part accelerator, part investment fund, part awesome.

068: Phil Townend – Ad Tech Entrepreneur

Phil Townend is an  Ad-tech entrepreneur, angel investor and  Chief Commercial Officer Unruly APAC, which describes itself as  one of the world ’ s leading social video platforms.  Notable successes in his career include  helping raise $25m for Unruly as well as getting into the digital marketing and video space about as early as feasibly possible (nearly 20 years now). In this interview, Phil joins us from Singapore, to share his experience as an entrepreneur making the move to Asia, and …  the  Future of digital marketing technology in high growth markets.

047: Karsten Aichholz – Thailand Starter Kit

Karsten Aichholz is a 30 something German British pro-gamer turned tech entrepreneur. Initially, Karsten was set to follow the safe journey of management trainee with German airline Lufthansa, but he sought bigger challenges. In this interview we learn what it means to be a professional gamer and why Karsten decided to leave Europe to seek out his future in Thailand where he set out to build his Bangkok based video games company.